Olympic's Start Friday

If your not out playing volleyball, then I hope your inside watching and cheering on our two Canadian beach teams in Athens.

Representing Canada,

Mens: John Child, Mark Heese. Not a hard one to figure out, but due to an injury, only just managed t

Max Volley End O' Season Bash

The end of year party for all Max Volley players will be Saturday September 11th, 6pm at Bobby's Bar and Restaurant. A roast-beef buffet will be served with entertainement in the evening. Get your spot now as place is limited! $15 per ticket. You can rede

6'0" and Under Tournaments

Grand Prix Volleyball is looking for teams/individuals interested in competing in a Height Limited volleyball series across Ontario.
The "Challenge League" would be open to Men 6'0" & under, and to women 5'9" and under.
This is a new category of volle


Uploaded the pictures from the CHEO tournament, go check them out in the Photo gallery if you haven't seen them

~ Chuckster ~


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